June 2006

I tried out the new Farmer Joe’s market and was very happy with it. It has a lot of fresh produce and lots of products that you don’t find in many stores. Is it just me or I am crazy to love checking out new supermarkets and seeing what they carry, what the layout is, and what other things it has, such as deli or hot foods.

It is closer than Piedmont Grocery and cheaper and has a good looking meat department. I wish it had a better seafood department, but it is a step in the right direction of Oakland.


Due to the World Cup, I’ve been a little preoccupied, but now that Korea is no longer in it, I can refocus my efforts on food.

This Saturday I finally made it out to the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market. I hadn’t gone in a while so I was excited to go. I always go to the mushroom man and get my Miatake mushrooms. This week he also had some Morels, so I pick up a few. Is spending $15 on just mushrooms a little too much?
I didn’t really have anything in mind to cook so I wasn’t searching for anything in particular. I also picked up some small peppers, which I hope to stuff with some chicken and other goodies, then grill.
The fish man was there as well, so I picked up some Opa fish. Later that night I grilled it wrapped in foil with sesame seed oil, garlic, shaved ginger, and salt. The seasoning was nice, but the fish was okay. I think I’ll stick with white fishes for grilling purposes.

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I stopped by Sea Salt on San Pablo and Dwight in Berkeley for lunch. They have a good outdoor spot for nice days like today to enjoy your lunch.

I had the manila clams with jalapenos, cilantro and lemon. They were tasty but was missing something that I just cannot quite figure out yet. The toast was toasty and soaked up the juice.

My friend had the fish and chips, which I had a bite of. The fish was tender and of good quality but the batter was more of a corn meal than what I am used to. It didn’t really soak up the malt vinegar at all so all you get is a hard shell with fish. Not my cup of tea, but not entirely bad. The chips were solid and had a good texture and taste to them and weren’t too wimpy, like most chips often are.

I tried out a new place on Saturday Night. A group of us went to La Provence, a new restaurant on 21nd and Guerrero.

We started out some wine cocktails and appetizers. There was a duck pate sort of dish and a meat pie sort of dish. Each were so-so and really didn’t do anything for me. The girls had a seafood soup, while I tried the Ter et Mer or Chicken stuffed with crab.

There was plenty of crab but not any crab flavor, and the chicken was more on the dry side than the moist side. The seafood soup looked better and tasted better though nothing to write home about either.

We finished with some dessert which the girls liked, but I’m not a big dessert fan so I can’t really remember what we had.

All in all the service was friendly. The owner even offered to move his bike which was parked out front to give me his parking space. The food was average, but I think a little overpriced for what you get.

I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon.

Shrimp burrito truck
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Although it is $6 for a burrito, it is chock full of shrimp and quite tasty. It is almost like a shrimp fajita burrito since it comes with grilled onions and peppers.
Along the Broadway Auto Mall in Oakland.

I’ve made myself Soon Tofu stew 2 nights in a row and both times have been fairly successful. I’ve added arc clams and baby shrimp to it with an egg. It just isn’t the same though without the piping hot clay pot that keeps the stew bubbling and the rice cook in stone pot though. Need to go to Pyon Chang Soon Tofu soon to get my fix.

Went to the Kilohana Grill which opened up recently by work. It is by the IHOP on San Pablo by the Oaks Card Club. The food was really good. I had the Loco Moco, where the eggs were cooked right and the gravy had a good taste. The hamburger meat was a little too well done for my taste. They have daily specials so I’ll have to check them out throughou the week. Unfortunately they have potato salad instead of mac salad. This is their second location, their first one in Santa Clara. It was clean and had lots of places to sit. I’ll go back.

I’ve also noticed a sudden influx of Hawaiian places opening up. It used to be that there was only Hawaiian Walk-in and Hawaiian Drive-in in Oakland and Daly City respectively, and Tita’s in SF. Now there is an a place on International in Oakland, 2 L&L’s opened up in Alameda and downtown SF, and one on San Pablo in El Cerrito. Sadly, Tita is now closed, but many other places have opened up. So far L&L and Kilohana are my favorites.

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