french laundry wine
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French Laundry has a huge list of wine and can be quite daunting to pick out. I do think the waiter could have been a little more helpful in pointing out wines so I just went with my gut and we decided on three half bottles for our meal, one for appetizers, one for fish and one for meats. Definitely next time if you are more “budget” conscious, although you are at French Laundry, I think I will go with glasses of wine, rather than bottles. It will save you a ton more and you will be able to sample more wines.

Dr. Loosen, Riesling
Kabinett Mosal 2004

This was a special bottling only for French Laundry. It was crisp and sweet without being too sweet. We opted not to start with sparkling wine but this starter wine did the trick.

Chateau De Puligny
“les porugots” Meusault 2002

This white was light on taste at first but then opened up nicely like a butter chardonney without the heavy butter. It stayed light but fruitiness lingered after each sip. Fantastic.

J.C. Cellers
“Ventana Vineyards” Syrah 2003

This was my least favorite wine. Although still delicious I felt it had no special distinctiveness that came through. It was a fine syrah but I was expecting to be “wowed”.

For Dessert we went a little crazy (at least I did).
Courtney had a Sauternes from 1984 that was crisp, sweet, and delicate.
I decided to go with a Port-Madiera from 1863. Did I tell you I went a little crazy? They actually had to open a brand new bottle so I had the first glass. It was more of a novelty of having something that is older that the civil war. It had three distinct tastes. The color was a light ruby that was a little translucent. The first taste was through the nose, spicy with hints of pepper. The second taste was when you take the first sip. It wasn’t syrupy or thick at all and was very light and smooth. The port had mellowed and was very light in texture and flavor. The third taste was the after taste. Here is where the flavor really kicked in and had hints of berries and raisins. There were no harsh tannins and bitterness at all. Would I order it again? Not really, but the experience was well worth it.