Went to the Kilohana Grill which opened up recently by work. It is by the IHOP on San Pablo by the Oaks Card Club. The food was really good. I had the Loco Moco, where the eggs were cooked right and the gravy had a good taste. The hamburger meat was a little too well done for my taste. They have daily specials so I’ll have to check them out throughou the week. Unfortunately they have potato salad instead of mac salad. This is their second location, their first one in Santa Clara. It was clean and had lots of places to sit. I’ll go back.

I’ve also noticed a sudden influx of Hawaiian places opening up. It used to be that there was only Hawaiian Walk-in and Hawaiian Drive-in in Oakland and Daly City respectively, and Tita’s in SF. Now there is an a place on International in Oakland, 2 L&L’s opened up in Alameda and downtown SF, and one on San Pablo in El Cerrito. Sadly, Tita is now closed, but many other places have opened up. So far L&L and Kilohana are my favorites.