I tried out a new place on Saturday Night. A group of us went to La Provence, a new restaurant on 21nd and Guerrero.

We started out some wine cocktails and appetizers. There was a duck pate sort of dish and a meat pie sort of dish. Each were so-so and really didn’t do anything for me. The girls had a seafood soup, while I tried the Ter et Mer or Chicken stuffed with crab.

There was plenty of crab but not any crab flavor, and the chicken was more on the dry side than the moist side. The seafood soup looked better and tasted better though nothing to write home about either.

We finished with some dessert which the girls liked, but I’m not a big dessert fan so I can’t really remember what we had.

All in all the service was friendly. The owner even offered to move his bike which was parked out front to give me his parking space. The food was average, but I think a little overpriced for what you get.

I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon.