Due to the World Cup, I’ve been a little preoccupied, but now that Korea is no longer in it, I can refocus my efforts on food.

This Saturday I finally made it out to the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market. I hadn’t gone in a while so I was excited to go. I always go to the mushroom man and get my Miatake mushrooms. This week he also had some Morels, so I pick up a few. Is spending $15 on just mushrooms a little too much?
I didn’t really have anything in mind to cook so I wasn’t searching for anything in particular. I also picked up some small peppers, which I hope to stuff with some chicken and other goodies, then grill.
The fish man was there as well, so I picked up some Opa fish. Later that night I grilled it wrapped in foil with sesame seed oil, garlic, shaved ginger, and salt. The seasoning was nice, but the fish was okay. I think I’ll stick with white fishes for grilling purposes.