July 2006

Thai fish Green curry
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I’ve been trying out recipes from this Thai (and other asian dishes) cookbook that I got at Costco of all places. Last night I tried out this dish. It is a fish green curry dish. Basically it comprises of chiles, 5 spice, coriander seeds, garlic, and sesame oil mixed with petrale sole, onions, and coconut milk. After the fish is cooked through you add a paste of fresh mint, cilantro, and basil with some fish sauce.

It took a little time to make but it turned out great. The fish cooked well and didn’t break too much in the process and the curry sauce had a slight hint of spiciness but overall had a great tang to it. I will definitely be making this dish again.

Gilroy Garlic festival
  Gilroy Garlic festival 
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My friend Peter and I went to the Gilroy Garlic festival this weekend. I’ve always wanted to go check it out and try as many foods as possible.

I’d have to say it was slightly disappointing. I thought that there would be more garlicky things, but it was really just some of the same typical festival food booths, just with a little garlic added, such as the cajun place with Garlic Jambalaya, or the Thai BBQ on a stick with a little bit of Garlic!

Here is a run down of foods that I tried.

The first thing that we hit was the stuffed mushrooms. This actually turned out to be the best thing that I had the whole time there. It was stuffed with garlic, cheese, and little bit of parley. The mushroom was just barely cooked so it was still a little crisp and not spongy, and it had a good intense garlic flavor.
We then popped over for some fried artichoke hears with garlic and stuffed artichoke. The fried ones weren’t too garlicy and didn’t really have a lot of flavor. The stuffed had bits of shrimp but had way too much mayonnaise.
Next was the garlic cajun shrimp, while Pete had the blackened shrimp. The shrimp was overly breaded and again not enough garlic flavor. The blackened shrimp was actually tasty but not a garlic dish.
The next food that was okay was the garlic chicken wings. Unfortunately it was overpowered by the vinegar so the garlic, although there, really couldn’t come through.
By now we were getting full and it was getting hot so I just sampled a few pickled garlic and garlic salsa items then had the garlic ice cream. The ice cream was actually really good with a hint of garlic flavor but pretty creamy.

All in all I probably wouldn’t go back.

On a side note, we all tried to go to get All you can eat Korean BBQ in Sunnyvale but unfortunately we go there at 9 and it closed at 10 and there was a 40 minute wait. We ended up going to some other place down the street that wasn’t very good. Now I’m really craving good BBQ!

Chef Edwards
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Went back to Chef Edwards to see if they got their act together. Last time I was there is took WAY too long to get service and food. This time around it wasn’t great, as it took a while to get our order, but once we did, the food came out fairly fast.

Although I usually get the Piggly Wiggly (pulled pork sandwich), I felt like the pork BBQ ribs. They were tender and not too fatty. I still like their BBQ sauce over the other BBQ joints around like Doug’s and Evert and Jones. The best thing however was the side of spaghetti. I just love the old cafeteria-style, super sweet pasta with big chunks of beef. And to top it off, of course Orange soda.

Trying to beat the heat. Over the weekend in order to try and beat the heat and not languish in our terribly hot house, I tried out 2 new places. First one was the Elephant Bar Restaurant which is a "Dining Adventure". It is basically a themed Cheesecake Factory, although cheaper. I tried the blackened catfish with jambalaya. It was surprisingly not bad, though nothing special. This is a type of place when you really need generic food at a decent price. Nothing to write home about.

The other place was one of many Chinese restaurants in the Ranch 99 market in El Cerrito. Courtney and I tried out several dishes but nothing too fancy. We had salt and pepper shrimp, which wasn’t bad, garlic and pepper whole fish, and scallop vegetable fried rice with abalone sauce. The best out of the three was the rice. There is just something about fried rice with gravy, like "fu-king" fried rice. The salt and pepper shrimp was above average as they picked out shrimp with smaller shells. The fish was very different than I had expected. It had very strong garlic and red pepper flavors but that was about it. I expected something a little more sweet with a little more of a sauce. It was however still good, just something that I didn’t expect.

The menu all had pictures and it seems that bird’s nest and abalone are the house’s specials. I’ll have to eventually try something else. It seemed very popular with the local chinese clientele.

  Bake Sale Betty’s 
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Sorry it’s been a while before posting anything new. I’ve finally gotten around to trying out Bake Sale Betty’s on Telegraph and 50th in Oakland. It was hopping with other lunch goers. The pastries looked great and fresh, but I was here for the Fried Chicken Sandwich. It seems that they are very popular since they make many in advance so when you order, the sandwich is ready. There also is a roast beef with horseradish that I will try some other time. Anyways, back to the sandwich. The flavor is great with a hint of spiciness from very thinly sliced jalapenos. The breading is a little thinner than I would have liked. I would have preferred a little more of a crunch but the chicken was moist and not dry. It came with very little fixings, just a little mayo (i think?), shredded cabbage, and the jalapenos. I would have also preferred a more heavy bread but all in all the sandwich was great.

I also sampled the yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting. The cupcake was not too dry but the frosting was more of a slabbed on chocolate rather than frosting, although Courtney loved it. Anyways they also had some other tasty pastries that I will eventually try out.

  Cafe Fanny 
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Courtney & I went to Cafe Fanny for some cafe au lait and croque monsier. Delicious but expensive.

Alemana Torta
  El torta loco 
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Finally got to try out El Torta Loco. First of all they were huge! I had the Especial Torta Alemana, just to try something different. I have to say that the torta as a whole was very delicious, but the type that I got was not my favorite. I then found out that Alemana means German style Torta which included basically polish sausage as the meat. I also ran into a coworker there of all places. Next time I’ll stick with the basics and have the al pastor or carne asada.

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