August 2006

Dona Thomas
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Casarole at Dona Thomas. Just like a mexican lasagna.

  Johnnie’s Pastrami 
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Nothing is better in 3am than a Johnnie’s Pastrami sandwich with chili fries. (nothing except El Faralito in SF). We were still full from dinner but somehow managed to eat most of the food. I love the fact that you also get a side of pickles and the service is always great, hun!

Don Antonio’s
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For dinner we went to Don Antonio’s on the west side and drank up very tasty Cadillac margarita’s with a huge plate of carne asada. Although similar to mexican place’s I’ve been to up in Northern California, there was something that was distinctly different that I can’t yet place about Southern Californian Mexican food. The carne asada came in one whole strip rather than small pieces. Overall very tasty.

Joanne and Margaret
  Margareto @ Redondo Beach 
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I took a quick trip down to LA. Friday I went to Disneyland and had the delicious corndogs in Main Street. On Saturday, my friend Margaret picked me up and we went to Redondo Beach and grabed some fresh crab, steamed and fried clams. Along with some rice and yuzu, we had a wonderful picnic.

Doner @ Ala Turka
  Kebab at Ala Turka 
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We celebrated a friend of mine’s b-day and tried out a new place. It is one of his favorite spots in the city, Ala Turka on Geary and Leavenworth. The food was consistently really tasty with good amounts of spice, and ample portions for a great price. Courtney had the lamb kebap while I had the doner. Both were quite delicious, with the doner having a subtle spice to it that made it take the lead. The winner however was the Turkish Pizza, little strips of turkish sausage with cheese on bread. Delicious. I’ll get that next time.

Sashimi Salad
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Drunken Fish has to have one of the best hwedupbap dishes around. Although the fish isn’t of the highest quality, it works well with this dish. It is also a great deal for the fresh sashimi, lettuce, roe, and quail egg, with rice and spicy red bean paste for about $10. The price almost doubles for the exact same dish at dinner. A great healthy lunch. I just wouldn’t have the sushi there.

My friend Peter stopped by and gave me some fresh oysters that he had picked up around Tamales Bay. They were huge! Anyways, I think I have decided that I am just not a fan of having your own oysters. Aside from the shucking and cleaning aspect, I just can’t seem to get that great mignonette mixture just right.

The oysters were lovely however, and I had them plain, with tabasco, with horseradish, with the mignonette and all combinations in between. I also BBQ’d them and added a little garlic and parmesan cheese. I just do not seem to enjoy them as much as in a restaurant. Unfortunately I forgot to snap some pics.

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