fish maw soup 
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I went to a chowdown lunch today and met some very nice people Thank you Joel for the wine and Marc for getting everyone together. We had the banquet meal which included many items. Here is my quick summary. I’m sorry that the food descriptions are not that great since I didn’t see the menu.

Fish Maw soup – light and delicate with a great texture on the fish maw. It was not too bland and had just enough salt for my taste.

Scallops – nothing really special about the scallops. They were prepared nice and had a good overall balance.

Crab – The flavor was wonderful with specs of garlic crusted over the shell, but the crab meat was a little too mushy for my taste.

Fish – had a slight gingery taste and good overall flavor. I though it was just a tad too oily but I did like the tenderness of the fish.

Chicken – the skin was moist and the chicken was cooked just right. It had a juiciness that is rare in most chinese places. The sauce that it came with complimented the chicken really well.

Duck with Taro in Hot Pot – I really enjoyed the duck and although I am not a fan of taro it was actually quite good. I didn’t have much of the sauce but overall a good dish.

Vegetables with preserved egg – the preserved egg added a nice flavor to the vegetables.

Vegetables with garlic – generic rendition of this dish. nothing bad about it but nothing special either.

Squab – everyone’s least favorite. It was a little bland, though I did like the crispiness of the skin. Other than not nothing special.

All in all, all the dishes were very good and no one left with an empty stomach. The highlights for me would be the chicken and the duck. My least favorite would be the squab and the fish.

Gordon took most of the photos although there are some more that I took here.

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