Jai Yun 
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Sorry for the long delay. I was away on vacation and will post up soon all the delicious food that we had on our trip, but for now I must post on Jai Yun before I forget what a great time we had.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pics of every course. The only pics I took are of the appetizers and the fish head.
Jai Yun is a small hole in the wall Chinese restaurant where you only order by the amount of money each party will spend. Our group consisted of 6 people at $50 a piece.

All the appetizers were great from beef slices, peanuts, cucumber slices, and even jellyfish.

Jai Yun

Forgive me if I forget some dishes. Here are the ones that I remembered and stoodout. We must have had 9 or so courses. The highlights were abalone in egg whites, super crispy but not greasy orange beef, candied eggplant that was sweet and hot but soft in the middle. We also had winter melon with a spicy sauce added that was unlike anything I’ve had before, but was delicious. The fish was excellently prepared but wasn’t a standout. We ended with Kung Pao Chicken that was excellent. There were many other dishes that were delicious which I cannot recall and there was a good balance of meat or seafood dishes, then vegetable dishes.