Seoul Day 4

jalgachi fish market in pusanJalgachi 2

Our final day in Pusan lead us to the Jalgachi Fish Market. It is the largest fish market in Korea so there are a ton of vendors selling their wares from fresh fish to dried squid. We ventured into the indoor market and picked out two types of fish (I think it was some type of halibut and mackerel), fresh shrimp (freshly peeled but still alive), and chopped up live octopus. Courtney did great and actually ate some of the still moving octopus! Afterwards we had a seafood stew with mussels, crayfish, and cuttlefish known as Haemultang.

Here is a pic of the fish about to meet their maker.

Getting lunch ready

Fish turned into fresh sashimi.

See the getting ready photo

Live octopus with fresh condiments.

Live Octopus and shrimp

Me admiring the fresh Haemultang.


That night we headed back up to Seoul and went to an awesome spicy pork BBQ place with my father and sister but forgot to bring a camera. We had been there 2 years ago and it was still going strong. The coals are heated outside and people are shoved into little tiny tables. The pork is spicy and delicious.