Day 5 was the day of the big family dinner at my grandfather’s favorite restaurant. It is a fancy Chinese restaurant located on the top of the 63 Building (the tallest building in Seoul). It consisted of several courses all expertly prepared. We had a beautiful private room overlooking Seoul. It reminded me of my recent dinner at Jai Yun.

We started with Shark Fin Soup that was very gelatinous and surprisingly a little creamy. The shark fin had a great texture that bordered on crunchy but was soft.

Fancy Chinese - Shark Fin Soup

Next we had Abalone and Sea Cucumber. Both are delicious, though they do not look it, and the texture is like nothing else.

Fancy Chinese - Abalone and Sea Cucmber

The highlight was the "Gold Bar". It is a dish that is supposed to give good fortunes to anyone who eats it. It was a concoction of tofu and minced crab on a bed of foam. It was utterly delicious.

Fancy Chinese - Gold Bar (tofu and crab, with foam)

My least favorite dish was the beef and mushrooms, although I just love mushrooms. The beef was nothing special and the mushrooms were just okay.

Fancy Chinese - fancy beef and mushrooms

Next was scallops with vegetables. The scallops were fresh and tender with a not too salty sauce.

Fancy Chinese - Scallops

At the end of the meal we had a choice between JaJangMyun (black bean noodles), JamPong (spicy seafood noodle soup), or Fried Rice. I chose the JaJangMyun. There is a clear difference between high class JaJangMyun and low class JaJangMyun. JaJangMyun is like the mac and cheese of the Korean people. The JaJangMyun was delicious and expertly prepared. It wasn’t greasy at all and the noodles were nice and chewy. That being said, there also is no substitute to a cheap JaJangMyun place, similar to a greasy spoon meal at your favorite diner. Look at Seoul Day 3 pics for a comparison to the quality of the JaJangMyun, both delicious in their own right. 

Fancy Chinese - Ja Jang Myun part 2