After coming back from Korea, one would think that Korean food would be the last thing that I would want, but it was. It only spurred on my fervor to seek out authentic Korean food in the Bay Area. My friend Peter and I checked out this local hot spot popular with the Korean exchange students that go to UC Berkeley. It was once called KoKo House, but the owners were caught one too many times serving alcohol to minors, so it shut down. It was closed for a while, but then OB Oriental BBQ Chicken house opened it’s dimly lit doors.

Like many other Korean drinking/eating places (Pojangmachas), the menu differs from regular Korean restaurant fare by concentrating on Korean "pub food". Since chicken is its specialty, the menu was heavy on … BBQ chicken dishes. I ordered the Fire Chicken, while Peter ordered the Seafood mixed Fire Chicken (same dish but with calamari, clams, and shrimp). I’d have to say that this is one of THE spiciest meals that I’ve ever had! Peter first started to make fun of me by saying that my tolerance had gone down, however 2 more bites into his meal he was complaining as well, comparing it to one his mother’s super spicy Vietnamese peppers.

OB Oriental BBQ Chicken House
OB Oriental BBQ Chicken House

The chicken was very tender and whatever flavor was left after the spiciness numbed your taste buds, was not too sweet and pretty delicious. It was hard to judge, so I will have to be back and order the mild to better assess the food. However, the extra pitcher of beer to cool our tongues and the general atmosphere did make for a pleasant dining/drinking experience. Time for a
Pojangmacha crawl to see which one will reign supreme!