Day 7 was our last day in Korea. It was also our last chance to eat some authentic Seolungtang
(bone marrow soup), which happens to be Courtney’s favorite dish. We stopped by a Seolungtang place in MyongDong that was packed with people in the morning. It was very, very delicious and one of the best I’ve every had. The only place that I have had better was a few winters ago in Seoul at a particular place that I will probably never find again.


After some intense last minute shopping, we were on our way back home. Inchon International airport happens to have one of the best airport foods around so unsurprisingly enough Courtney had Seolungtang again for lunch, while I had albap (fish egg rice). The Seolungtang wasn’t that great but the albap was just what I wanted, hot rice with little crunchy bits of fish egg.

Al Bap and Seolungtang again.

One last thing that I should mention is that on Asiana Airlines, the airplane food is quite tasty. If you ever have a choice get the bibimbap. Best airplane food ever! Alas our delicious trip to Korea was over. However I am now off to discover Korean places at home that come close to the motherland.