Taco the Town - A
Taco the town – A
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So after searching for a while, I have finally found my “A” truck. I will be doing a series of taco truck taste tests going alphabetically in order (of course ignoring the moniker taco, taqueria, el, or la, or similar participles). I will be mainly trying out the al pastor (if they have it) and the carne asada. Now onto “A”

Tacos Alonzo is located on Foothill Blvd in Oakland about 4 blocks from Fruitvale Ave. The service was very friendly. The tacos were above average with good flavor in both the al pastor and the carne asada. One great perk was that I was given extra salsa and a fire roasted jalapeno as well. Nothing to write home about but if you are in the area and want that extra jalapeno with your taco, then I would recommend it.