November 2006

Zin - PS
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We celebrated Thanksgiving in Palm Springs. Here is the lowdown on the food there.

For Thanksgiving Dinner we had a good meal at LG’s steakhouse. Courtney wanted at least something that reminded her of Thanksgiving so the mashed potatoes would do the trick. We had Cesar salad made at our table, which was good, though I think they used prepackaged grated Parmesan cheese, and I always prefer huge slices of fresh parm for my salad. Courtney had Filet Mignon while I had the Rib eye. The Rib eye had more flavor than the filet though nothing is quite as good as HOPR still. Their sides were nothing to write home about either, the mashed potatoes were eeh, the mushrooms were mushrooms, and the green beans tasty dirty and underdone. The wine was okay but WAY overpriced.

The next day was a complete turnaround. We started out at the Cafe Des Beaux-Arts which had one of the best french onion soups that I have had. The soup consisted of real stringy cheese with a rich onion flavor that had a strong garlic base. The rest of the meal was okay. I had mussels mariniere that didn’t have much flavor.
For dinner we tried out Zin, which was recommended on Chowhound. That was our best meal in PS. We started out with a duck foie gras with apples and figs that was simply delicious. I had the cream of wild mushroom soup with truffle oil while Courtney had the french onion soup, which was nowhere near the previous FO soup. I ended the meal with a Kobe Sirloin with haricot verts (the real way green beans should be) and peas and carrots, both delicious. To top it off I had one of the best Zins, a 2001 L’aventure Zinfandel from Paso Robles. If you can find it, get it.

Now off to LA for a wedding, Disneyland, and some dining.


I finally got around to adding this item. B is for Taco at Taco’s Barajito located on West Grand and Adeline. It looked really promising and as usual I had the Al Pastor and the Carne Asada tacos. I’d have to say that both were really lackluster and didn’t really have anything special to write home about. The al pastor was niether sweet nor sour and the carne asada didn’t have much flavor at all. Typical prices but not worth your time or money.


B is for Taco



B is for Taco
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