October 2007

My new favorite food site is EaterSF.
It has the freshest information, but a little hard to keep track of everyday due to the amount of great information. Great information, especially for up and coming, not yet open restaurants.

The next best thing about taco trucks is a google mashup map of taco trucks. If only they also had the truck names so that I can continue on my quest for the Taco the Town, since I’ve been stuck on C for a while now. Check it out at yumtacos.com.

Lastly, I’ve heard of a taco truck, a sushi truck, but now a korean BBQ truck?!? Too bad it is in SF for lunch, but then again there is a plethora of Korean restaurants near me for lunch. Check out the times and locations of the truck here.


Cinque Terre - Manarola

You can blame Rick Steve’s for the influx of tourism at the once sleepy towns of Cinque Terre on the Ligurian coast of Italy. Some people say it is now overcrowded, but I am not one of them. There is a kind of quaint quiet joy that envelopes this place that take one away from the hustle and bustle of the American way of life. People are here for a reason, for history, and for culture. Going to Cinque Terre was definitely the highlight of our trip to Europe. Just 1 hour away from Pisa, our train ride was exhilarating. After switching trains in La Spezia, we started going north up the coast until we hit a long tunnel, a very long tunnel, the kind where you have enough time for your eyes to adjust to the black. And just when you think that you have been in there long enough, a very brief tease of the beautiful coast hit you like the waves breaking below.

We ended up staying in Manarola, which ended being our favorite of the 5 towns. Sure Monterosso Al Mare has the beaches, Vernazza has it’s natural beauty, Riomaggiore has it’s lover’s walk, and Corniglia has it’s rocky view, but Manarola has it’s sleepy circular center where the children play, the Church up the hill where the old people just sit around and talk, and the beautiful wine walk trail where you can walk amongst the vines and just be glad that you are lucky enough to see such beauty.

Cooking class at Sur la Table

Courtney surprised me by signing me up to a cooking class at Sur La Table with my friend Thomas. We had a great time taking the Braised Meats class. The class was divided into two groups, with each group making the same dishes. Within those groups, 2 people prepared one dish. Thomas and I had the braised lamb shanks. Although we were short on time for a proper braised lamb shank, the instructor had started the lamb an hour early to get a head start. Also on the menu was a ginger braised vegetable dish, a Yucatan braised pork butt dish, and Coq au Vin.

Our lamb would have been much better if it had been braising for at least another hour. The vegetables had a great ginger taste to them and seemed very simple to prepare, the pork was very tasty, tangy, and tender, but the Coq au Vin was my favorite with tender chicken and a great sauce that was worth smothering your bread into it.

As for the cooking class, I found it to be very professional, with the tools and space easy to use and all the prep work very minimal. I liked how it wasn’t a complete introduction to cooking, and that most people there were very familiar with cooking so the instructor didn’t have to delve much into simple how-to’s. My one complaint is that we were cooking the lamb with wine, the chicken with wine, but didn’t have any wine to drink whilst cooking. I also felt that it was also a little difficult to meet the other people in your class, which for me is another fun part of a cooking class.

I am now ready to take more classes and apply what I learned for a great winter feast of meat.

The Sur la Table in SF cooking classes are highly recommended.


Asian Cinema Nite continues this week.
Tuesday 7pm Blue Screening Room

Reincarnation AKA Rinne
directed by Takashi Shimizu
In Japanese w/ English subtitles
2005 – 95 min.

Happy Halloween! Asian Cinema presents Takashi Shimizu’s “Reincarnation”, also known as “Rinne”. The director of “The Grudge” continues to frighten in the tale of a murder that occurred at a hotel years ago, and about a film crew making a movie of that murder. However one of the main characters starts to have memories and hauntings of the murders while researching her role for the film. Don’t expect shocks and jolts, but an eerie, uncomfortable, hair standing up, belly tingling, chills and shivers, kind of movie perfect for the holidays. Think Japanese “Shining”. Nuff said.

More Here:

Too bad I didn’t discover this market till our last day in Florence. Situated in completely bland looking building on the outside, once you enter inside you are surrounded by butchers, fishmongers, delis, and fresh, fresh food everywhere. I love going to new supermarkets to see what different items they have, what the layout is, and what interesting foods they have. Upstairs was filled with fresh veggies and fruits, while the main floor was filled with booths.

Florence Market Mosaic

If I had more money and more room, and if I didn’t care if people thought I was crazy, I think I would amass a collection at trueswords.com. This alone is enough geek enough for me, how about a replica of Ichigo’s Bankai sword from the anime Bleach? Not geek enough for you? What about Takezo Kensei and Hiro Nakamura’s sword from Heroes? Feeling more nostalgic? How about Kenshin’s backwards sword?

Now you can review your stay at Schrute Farms on TripAdvisor from “The Office”.

Now I wonder if this is going to create a slew of other fictional places such as the Bates Motel, the Hotel New Hampshire, and the Holiday Inn.

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