I tried out a new place that I heard about word of mouth near work, otherwise you would never find this place or definitely stay away from it. It is called Willy’s Cafe on San Pablo Ave. at 40th St. in Emeryville. It is situated in the back of the Bank Bar so it looks a little intimidating at first. However there is a side entrance along the alleyway directly to the place with a small patio. Willy’s specializes in Lebanese food. I ended up having the chicken shwarma sandwich and split a plate of tabouleh and a hibiscus iced tea. All the food was better than average. I’m not as familiar with the differences in Lebanese versus other middle eastern style shwarmas, but this one in particular was cuts of chicken wrapped in a pita bread. The chicken was tender and the sauce was strong though not overpowering. The tabouleh was quite delicious and fresh, though my mouth was full of that garlic after taste well after the meal. The prices were just right and the owners were very friendly. All in all the food was good enough to go back to, although I think I will try the beef shwarma to see how different it is from the shwarma that I am familiar with the cut coming from a rotating spit.

On a side note, the BEST shwarma I’ve ever had was in Annecy, France.