MMM Cappuccinoall finished!

What is it about Italian coffee that makes it so much better than anywhere else? Every single espresso that I had, from the cheapie vendor in the train station to the high end restaurant, was better that anything that I’ve had in the States. There was never any hint of bitterness and the crema was simply beautiful. I’ve heard that it is the beans that they roast differently than we do in here. It simply boggles the mind that even when we were in Paris, just a few hundred miles away from Italy, the coffee was very different. I loved how you just stroll up to the bar, tell the barista your order, fill it halfway with sugar, stir, drink in 2 -3 sips, then you leave. There is no dilly-dallying to it. I’d have to say that my favorite part of the Italian cafe experience is that all the drinks are served just hot enough not to be warm, but cool enough that you can drink it immediately without scalding your lips.

I’ve had to try and hold on to our wonderful trip by having more espressos than before. I’m just waiting for our Cimbali espresso machine to be repaired so I can have a little Italy everyday at home.