I really wonder if it is worth keeping AT&T just for the iPhone. I’ve been dealing with their billing service for quite a while now. First off when we traveled to Europe, I called in to have them disable my EDGE network access to avoid international roaming fees. I then noticed that while in London I was still getting network access. I called back and made sure that they had a notation that I had made the request prior to leaving the states. It turned out that they had didn’t turned it off correctly and finally did a day later. When I got the bill I saw that I got charged for data roaming anyways. They then reversed the charges after they saw the notation on my account that I had asked to disable data a day before the charges.

Now I’m dealing with another problem. It turns out that somehow while roaming in Europe I was getting duplicate text messaging charges both from Courtney’s account sending out messages and my account receiving messages. The amount sent out did not add up to the amount received in on the other line. AT&T IT services deduced that there were no duplicate charges but they reversed all the text message charges anyways. They don’t know exactly why I was getting duplicate messages and why I was getting different incoming and outgoing amounts, though they think it has something to do with the international carriers. Regardless, I’ve learned to always make sure that if there is anything wrong with my account to have it written down on my account. I’m hoping that things will get better so far no luck.