Bisteak ala Florentina at Il Latino

Back in Florence all the guide books said that one of the specialties of Florence is the Bistecca Florentina. Courtney and I went to Il Latino. We ended up sharing a table with a couple from Spain, although Courtney thought is was odd that I was saying “gracias” to them instead of “grazie”. She later realized that they were not Italians but Spaniards. The restaurant served us a giant bottle of chianti and basically said that they would subtract the price of however much we drank from the bottle. Luckily they charged us very little for the amount that I drank but I was very conscience of how much the couple was drinking out of the bottle the whole night. Now onto the Bistecca. This is one giant piece of steak that is served very rare. There is little seasoning beside the meat and it didn’t need anything else. I was feeling a little under the weather since the days were still hot from the tail end of summer but sleeping with the window open got you cold into the night. Needless to say, I did not finish the steak.

Can't eat anymore