Zuni chicken

Courtney and I went to Zuni Cafe to have dinner and drinks with some friends visiting from LA. I started out with a manhattan, then had the anchovy plate which was okay. The one interesting thing about the anchovy plate was that the ingredients by themselves were okay, but put together they had a different taste, especially when you added in the celery. It was almost a deconstructed anchovy plate.

Courtney and I split the roasted chicken. This is the dish to get at Zuni. Make sure to order it when you sit down since it takes 1 hour to make. It is a very tender chicken on top of some sort of bread mix. The chicken was succulent and savory while the bread soaked up all the flavorness underneath.

We had a wonderful bottle of Sancerre with dinner, but I forget which label.

All in all the food was tasty, the company was grand, and the price was right.