Asian Cinema Nite continues this week.
Tuesday 7pm Blue Screening Room

Reincarnation AKA Rinne
directed by Takashi Shimizu
In Japanese w/ English subtitles
2005 – 95 min.

Happy Halloween! Asian Cinema presents Takashi Shimizu’s “Reincarnation”, also known as “Rinne”. The director of “The Grudge” continues to frighten in the tale of a murder that occurred at a hotel years ago, and about a film crew making a movie of that murder. However one of the main characters starts to have memories and hauntings of the murders while researching her role for the film. Don’t expect shocks and jolts, but an eerie, uncomfortable, hair standing up, belly tingling, chills and shivers, kind of movie perfect for the holidays. Think Japanese “Shining”. Nuff said.

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