Cooking class at Sur la Table

Courtney surprised me by signing me up to a cooking class at Sur La Table with my friend Thomas. We had a great time taking the Braised Meats class. The class was divided into two groups, with each group making the same dishes. Within those groups, 2 people prepared one dish. Thomas and I had the braised lamb shanks. Although we were short on time for a proper braised lamb shank, the instructor had started the lamb an hour early to get a head start. Also on the menu was a ginger braised vegetable dish, a Yucatan braised pork butt dish, and Coq au Vin.

Our lamb would have been much better if it had been braising for at least another hour. The vegetables had a great ginger taste to them and seemed very simple to prepare, the pork was very tasty, tangy, and tender, but the Coq au Vin was my favorite with tender chicken and a great sauce that was worth smothering your bread into it.

As for the cooking class, I found it to be very professional, with the tools and space easy to use and all the prep work very minimal. I liked how it wasn’t a complete introduction to cooking, and that most people there were very familiar with cooking so the instructor didn’t have to delve much into simple how-to’s. My one complaint is that we were cooking the lamb with wine, the chicken with wine, but didn’t have any wine to drink whilst cooking. I also felt that it was also a little difficult to meet the other people in your class, which for me is another fun part of a cooking class.

I am now ready to take more classes and apply what I learned for a great winter feast of meat.

The Sur la Table in SF cooking classes are highly recommended.