Asian Cinema Nite continues this week.
Tuesday 7pm Blue Screening Room

Dog Bite Dog
directed by Soi Cheang Pou-Soi
In Cantonese w/ English subtitles
2006 – 108 min.

This will be the final Asian Cinema of this year. Like in past years, I will be taking a much needed break to catch up on my growing backlog of films to watch out for during the holiday season.

I haven’t shown an HK film in a while, so when I came across Dog Bite Dog, it was immediately refreshing.

This is a hardcore, dirty, gritty, and no holds barred action film. It’s not action as in martial arts and explosions, but extremely violent and intense chaos. The plot sounds like a typical HK film, two people pair off against each other, one a cold blooded hired assassin, the other a hard-boiled cop. Rough ending but like the film itself it’s a hard knocked life.

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