Vernazza is regarded as the most picturesque town of the 5 Towns. Indeed Vernazza is a combination of each of the other towns. It has the main stretch of road like Riomaggiore, portions of it have a quiet coziness of Manarola, the towering rockiness of Corniglia, and the beaches and grandeur of Monterosso Al Mare. There is much to do here, but like Monterosso Al Mare, there were many other people here. The tourist presence here was very noticeable since there was a higher concentration of tourist in such a small place. Monterosso is so much more comparably larger that tourist just feel a part of the scenery. I felt that the people watching here was the best since you could just park at any part of the town and see the ebb and flow of the people coming and going.

Although the tourist books warn people of the hike between Corniglia and Vernazza as being very rough, indeed is was the most challenging of all the hikes, but not it should not sway one from not going on it. The views of it are simply breathtaking. It was also the only place between all the hikes were we encountered a local farmer selling homemade limoncello, mardarincello, and araciello. We noticed his baseball hat and tried to communicate with him that we were from Oakland, but unfortunately he just kept on repeating “baseball, baseball”. We did get the mandarincello, which was delicious, but very potent.

local farmer in Vernazza