My newest favorite Chinese

I ended up stumbling upon this place while looking for late night eats after drinking in Old Oakland. This place was still open and had lots of people so I figured that is a good sign. I am the type of person that cannot have the same type of food, let alone the same restaurant, in the same week. This place was so surprising that I had to go the next day to see if it wasn’t a fluke. New Gold Medal Restaurant is on 8th St. and Webster in Oakland Chinatown.

The first night I had the Wor Won Ton Noodle soup and got to sample the Fukien Fried Rice. The soup base to better than average for the wonton soup, but the wontons were delicious. They were full of shrimp and had a great flavor to them. I would definitely go back just for the wontons. I also make is a general rule that if there is Fukien Fried Rice on the menu (or Fujian in Manadarin), then I will get it. For those unfamiliar it is basically taking regular fried rice then baking it in a casserole dish topped with gravy.

The next day, when I walked in, the place was still bustling, but there was lots of people going up the butcher counter to order fresh duck and a new addition that wasn’t there last night, the back end of a roast pig.

Fresh Roast Pig

The skin is extra crispy with the fat and oil bursting out when you bite into it. I had the roast pig over rice. The meat itself was very tender. I later went a few days later and found out that you could get a combination plate of your choice of three from the roast pig, roast duck, bbq pork, and bbq chicken. All were excellent. I’ve taken my Chinese friends there and they can attest to the good food.

Best of all it is open till 3am.