Monterosso Al Marea

Monterosso Al Mare is the largest of the 5 towns. It has cars. It has a little traffic. It has a beach. The best thing about Monterosso is the beach. The worst thing about Monterosso is the beach. Let me explain. Out of the all the towns, there are no true beaches, only rocks next to the water, except in Monterosso. You have beautiful beach chairs with umbrellas and changing rooms with sand. The beaches of course cost you a little money for the chairs, but there are free areas as well. With the beaches come convenience, the beach lifestyle, beach side hotels, and tourists, lots of tourists. The beaches are an attraction that draws lots of people to the biggest of the 5 towns. This is not to say that the place is overrun with people bumping into each other. It still maintains an out of the hustle and bustle feel but it just isn’t like the other 4 towns. There is new construction and there are cars. You actually have to look out for traffic.

Monterosso is split into 2 sections, the old town and the new town. The old town is by the train station. Here are hotels, a few restaurants and lots of residences. The new town is through the tunnel and has some residences, a church, and a small shopping area. The two parts feel very different from each other, so one could say that there are two towns in one making it cinque dot cinque terre, or 5.5 towns. I would highly suggest getting up in the morning and taking the trek from Vernazza to Monterosso to build up a sweat so that you are ready for a swim in the beautiful Mediterranean.