Bake Sale Betty's

The bad news: now that the word is out, there is a line going out the door for Bake Sale Betty’s. The good news: it goes by fast. I think that they finally figured out that the demand for the chicken sandwiches is high. I got there around 12:20 but they assured me that they will not run out of the chicken sandwiches. They apologized for the line and even offered up some delicious shortcakes for free. I like the use of ironing boards as makeshift outdoor tables.

The sandwiches are still delicious though I think the cabbage mix has lost a little of it’s tang and there are less jalapenos, equalling less kick. One of these days I will try out the egg sandwich.

Don’t be discouraged by the line, but the secret is out, according to this article. You can make your own chicken sandwiches if you don’t want to brave the line. It is a double edged sword. You want someone to succeed if the product is worth it, but you also don’t want too many people to know about it. You especially don’t want that said product to be compromised by said demand. My friend, Thomas, said it was like your favorite band that you once saw at a small club, that is now playing the stadiums.