Foods of Cinque Terre

We had some fabulous food while staying in Cinque Terre.
Starting clockwise from the top left corner, we had to have the pesto. The pesto in the region is delicious. It is the only pasta dish that you will get parmesan cheese to add to your dish. Creamy without being milky, garlicky without smelling of garlic for days, and just the right amount of basil. This was from a restaurant in Manarola on the main strip of restaurants towards the pier, though I can’t remember the name. It was open relatively late. Delicious.

We ended up going to this restaurant in Monterosso al Mare twice since the food was so good called Miky. It was the most sophisticated out of all the restaurants in Cinque Terre, but was well worth it for the quality. It can get crowded but we lucked out and got in without reservations for dinner. We went back for lunch the next day. The first pic is from one of their signature dishes. They take pasta with seafood and cook it partially. Then they put the ingredients all in a casserole dish and cover it with pizza dough. You then bake it to capture in the flavors and infuse it into the pasta. It is then served table side to you by opening up the dough and placing it on your table. You end up with a pasta with pizza dough underneath. Delicious.

Next pic is one of many foccaciarias in Cinque Terre. I’m normally not a foccacia fan but I never knew that there was so much variety in your simple foccacia. I believe this one is from a place in Manarola as well. Delicious.

The last pic is one again from Miky. I started with an anchovy sampler. It came with simple anchovy with oil, with lemon, fried anchovy, then finally stuffed anchovy. Delicious.

We had many other great meals in Cinque Terre. Another highligh was at Restaurant de Billy in Manarola. Make reservations since this is a great little spot with a great view. Unfortunately the pics we took didn’t turn out so great. We had some pasta then some grilled fish. Delicious.

Cinque Terre - the drinks

The drinks in Cinque Terre were also fabulous. Starting clockwise from the top left corner.

I’ve had regular affogatos before. I think it translates as drunken, not as in alcoholic, but submerged in liquid. However, in the land of smaller portions and realistic European portions, this was the one thing that I ordered that I felt was supersized. However I didn’t care. Creamy vanilla gelato with espresso added. Delicious.

Another great thing at Miky was the fact that some of your dishes came with not one but several basalmic vinegars to try out with your meal. The center bottle was definitely the highlight, slightly acidic, not too goopy, and just the right tones. Delicious.

With wine all around you in Cinque Terre we couldn’t say no. The two main types that we ran across was Sciachetra and Cinque Terre White Wine. Unfortunately we didn’t really discover the beauty of Sciachetra till our final days in Cinque Terre. It is a brownish, brunette colored dessert wine that tastes like a cross between a port and a banyuls. It isn’t syrupy, isn’t overly sweet, and isn’t too sharp. Delicious.

Finally we tried several bottles of the Cinque Terre wine from around the 5 Towns. This is a pic of one from the Riommaggiore town, but we found that the Manarola DOC tasted better over this one. Regardless, I’m becoming more and more a white wine fan and this one is special. I will start hunting this wine down to enjoy at home. It is refreshing with a crispness that isn’t sharp or bitter. Not buttery like Chardonnay, but not acidic like Pinot Grigio. Delicious.