Looking for a spot to eat after a few games of bowling in Alameda, we decided to go to a small Burmese restaurant. We noticed that the decor had changed but didn’t think much of it. However it then became apparent that the restaurant that we thought we were in, Hinh Tha, was no longer. It is now called Bagan Restaurant, and to our surprise, in very small print it said “A Burma Superstar Restaurant”. Apparently the previous owner had sold the space to the same family that runs Burma Superstar. There as the same items on the menu as it’s San Francisco pair, but there is no line to wait and all the food that we had was excellent.

The great thing about Burmese food is that it is both familiar and exotic in its tastes. The familiar side comes from it’s link to Indian and Thai cuisine, but the exotic come from the slight differences in the flavor combinations that it uses.
We had the Tea Leaf Salad, which is always a favorite at Burma Superstar. We followed with the Samusa Soup, which was spicy and the highlight of the meal. For our mains, we had the Garlic and Chili Shrimp which had the most familiar of flavors since there isn’t much variety that can be had with garlic and chili, and a noodle dish, which was my least favorite, but still very good. Dessert was coconut ice cream over a type of pancake or flan.

I definitely was very glad to find such a great restaurant and recommend it. The waiter did say that they were trying to keep the restaurant a little quiet since they have only been open for 2 months and are still feeling out what their capacity is. There are still trying to get into a groove, but worth it. Next time I will remember to take some photos.

Bagan is located on Park between Alameda and Central. Already on yelp.