Yucatan Pork

I had the luxury of sampling some food while awaiting our flights out of Cancun back to SFO. I decided that this would be my last stop at getting some tacos before returning to the states. My first stop was at Guacamole Grill. To my surprise this was actually quite tasty and nothing at all what you would expect from airport food. The ingredients were all fresh and I really did like the Yucatan Pork taco that I got (I forgot the spanish name for it). Courtney get some quesadillas that were also very good. Between TGIFridays, Burger King, and the Guacamole Grill, although the name is horrible, the food is good.

Al Pastor taco and some cheesy beef mix

Now completely opposite of the Guacamole Grill was Taco Inn at the Mexico City airport. We didn’t realize that through our connection that there was a separate domestic and international areas. The international area had glitzy brand name duty free shops, while the domestic had smaller stores but a much larger selection of food items. I was hopeful that the tacos would be good since they had a al pastor grill in their little kiosk, but alas, the pastor was dry with a rubbery texture and not much flavor. The cheesy beef mixture was worse. It was really greasy, with chunks of onions and beef that didn’t quite go that well with the cheese. There was something about that dish that didn’t work.

My brief recollection of the Guadalajara airport was there were a few sit down restaurants but the small food court style restaurants didn’t really offer much.