I have included a google maps mashup of the ongoing Taco the Town, my journey to go through the taco trucks in alphabetical order. The only rule, eat in order and order a carne asada and al pastor taco.

This installment brought me to my local taco truck, Tacos Chavez located by the Food 4 Less on Emery St. and 40th St. in Emeryville.

Taco The Town - C
The carne asada was a little gristly but flavorful. Toppings was some salsa with the onions and cilantro. The al pastor wasn’t anything to write home about. I do have to say that I have been to this taco truck many times and this was one of the more disappointing visits. I’m not sure if it has to do with the fact that I just got back from Mexico or not. However, I have always felt that this taco truck’s strengths was never the tacos but their burritos. Since I am not doing a burrito crawl (check out burrito eater for that), I won’t be about to assess the other trucks and their burritos.

Taco The Town - C
I have also been looking for a ratings system. Here is the ever evolving lodown out of 5 jalapenos.