After listening to the backlog of podcasts from the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, I came across my new favorite country band, although they technically more Western Swing. Think about the old days of Gene Autry, of the yesteryears of Bob Wills, the Texas Doughboys, and Al Dexter. The Time Jumpers keeps it real, with veteran players that have the musical chops to back up both their country and western, with a swinging beat, man.

I’m sad to hear that my favorite member has passed away. The legendary John Hughey was a virtuoso in the pedal steel guitar. There is something about that sound that just clicks and makes you feel happy and want to kick up your heels.

Check out this clip taken from their DVD which you can purchase here. I plan to. It is a beautiful ballad that has been nominated for a Grammy.

Taking a classic standard “All of Me” and adding that Western touch. There is also is something about jazz accordions, too!