Well searching around for new places to ear, especially around work can be daunting. You see the same old places and try and keep and ear out for new ones. Well I stumbled onto a new place on a recommendation from a friend. I’ve been concentrating lately around the redeveloping downtown area, but had ignore the opposite direction towards Berkeley.

After finding Riva Cucina, this area of Berkeley is slowly starting to create some culinary waves with 900 Grayson. Although 2 years old, this small place specializes in fresh ingredients and simple foods done right. I heard the thing to get is the burger so that is what I ordered (also voted best burger in San Francisco Magazine)

Burger at 900 Grayson

The bread seemed like Acme Bread quality, and the meat was cooked to the right amount. I also liked the crispy onions and the melty cheese. Although fancier than the good ol’ standby from a greasy spoon, this burger delivers with a deep meaty texture and taste. And the best part of the burger is that although it was juicy, it stayed together throughout the whole meal, without falling apart. I wished the fries were more tasty, but I can’t complain too much.

Their sandwiches and other dishes looked quite delicious. So now the question and dilemma is, since the burger is so good, should I get the burger, or try something new. With problems like this, 900 Grayson will continue to keep me coming back to decide.