Tastee Diner

I have a backlog of posts to put up but for now I will tell you about my recent trip to Bethesda, MD to see my sister.

Tastee Diner

Tastee Diner

Of course the dining was excellent. There is nothing like exploring a new place to extend your culinary library. My first stop was one of my favorite diners, The Tastee Diner. Located in the heart of downtown Bethesda, it looks out of place from the usual mid-upscale places that downtown Bethesda is infested with. This is your down home diner with counters, interesting workers and patrons, and of course great breakfast food. Now I’m am not a breakfast food person at all, but I do love my corned beef hash. I’ve tried corned beef hash in many different places out on the west coast, but they all try to be too fancy by being either shredded, or niman ranch corned beef, or using home fries, or country potatoes. I like my corned beef to be minced and my hash to be little tiny lego blocks of potatoes.

Curry, Katsu Curry

After walking around the last time that I was in Bethesda, I stumbled across this small little Japanese market called Daruma. Little did I know that they also had a kitchen out of it that served ramen and rice dishes. Here again was a place that you think you wouldn’t find in Bethesda. I was not aware that there was such a Japanese presence in Bethesda that warranted such a finely stocked market, let alone a great katsu place. Whenever faced with Japanese rice dishes, I always go for the katsu curry. Don’t expect fine dining or waiters. This is a order at the counter, and sit in a food court area type of eating. I’m not saying that this is the best katsu curry that I’ve ever had, but if you are in Bethesda and you want something a little different, than this is your place. FYI, for some reason some dishes you can order for take out but some you cannot. Check with the counter before you order.


Of course you cannot be in Maryland without crab. 2 people, 12 dozen extra large crabs, probably 2 cups of Old Bay seasoning, $0.50 oysters during happy hour, and beer. There is not much else you can say. Steamers is the place so grab a mallet and start eating. The only downfall is that it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time, but it is worth it.

5 Guys Burger

Finally I noticed that there was a new terminal where Jet Blue flies into in Dulles. They had an interesting food court restaurant that intrigued me. Driving around the edge of Bethesda near Gaithersburg, I came across the same place. It looks like a chain restaurant of burgers. 5 Guys is the east coast equivalent of In N Out burger. It has a double patty and you can order it with special extras such as jalapeno peppers, A1 sauce, etc. They have a special variety of potatoes as well. No extra items to confuse the cooks or the customers, and they do it well. It is probably one of the best semi-fast food burgers that I have had in a long time. Great meaty taste and texture. The fries could have been better. Next time you are in the area or flying out of Dulles, grab a 5 guys burger. You will go home happy.