Hawaiian French Bread

grits, eggs, fried chicken, and corned beef hash

We started the morning off early by heading to The Coffee Company” for some Sunday Brunch. We got there early to beat the church crowd. I ordered the corned beef hash, and it was the best on the west coast that I’ve had. Courtney ordered the French Toast on Hawaiian bread. I’m not a breakfast person but this was definitely worth getting up early for.

hollyhock house

After the previous night of eating and eating, and getting up early for breakfast, we weren’t in the mood for any big lunch. We ended up walking around to see the Hollyhock House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We just missed the tour, but it did lead to great views of the hills.

Courtney finally gets her Pinkberry

Hoon and the giant shaved ice Pinkberry

We ended up getting snack by having the infamous Pink Berry. This was Courtney and my first time. I ended up trying the shaved ice, which was massive. Unfortunately they were out of mochi, but we managed. We decided to just park the car and walk around in LA to build up an appetite. Since we had an early breakfast, a snack during lunch we were ready to eat early.

Burger detail @ Father's Office

Next up, Father’s Office. We had heard that it gets crazy busy with a line out the door, but since we were finally recovering from our full feasts, we were getting hungry around 4pm. We walked right in and ordered, though it still took us some time to procure a table, but getting there early definitely was key. Father’s Office is known for two things, their hamburgers and their beer. Both were spot on. You cannot make any sort of alterations on the hamburger, but IMHO, it doesn’t need any. The onions were seasoned and formed in a fine sweet paste and the burger was cooked perfectly with the inside of the bun soaking up the juices but not breaking away the bread. While the fries were good, there weren’t special, but the sweet potato fries “ala carte” were exceptional. They also had a fine selection of beers and since I had been going to the Trappist in Old Oakland, I’ve been getting slowly familiar with the vast world of Belgian brews and to my surprise recognized some of them. All the beers were delicious.

Sweet Potato Fries "a la cart"

Blueberry cheesecake @ Urth

We tried to rally for a dinner, but we settled for coffee and dessert. At Urth Cafe we got a blueberry cheesecake which looked delicious (but I didn’t have any). We ended the night simply with a new list of places to revisit when back and new places to try.