Gumbo @ Nellie's Soulfood Kitchen

I’ve been to Nellie’s Soulfood Restaurant 4 weeks in a row. For most people that know me well, that in itself is a testament. The key word is “Gumbo”. It is the best gumbo that I’ve had outside of New Orleans. Fortunately and unfortunately they only serve the gumbo on Friday’s, fortunately due to the fact that I would want to get it more than once a week, and unfortunately due to the fact that I would want to get it anytime I’d crave it. The gumbo has a nice brown roux with chicken on the bone, sausage, which I would assume is andouille, and lots and lots of crab. The other good news is that the soup is cooked separate from the rice and white rice is added at the time of serving. Be forewarned that the large gumbo is extremely large and that you would be satisfied with just the small. My only complaints with the gumbo would be that I would generally want a little more rice than the amount that it comes with, and that it can be a little pricey overall. I asked for more rice for my gumbo and got charged $3 for a very small cup of rice, on top of the $17 bowl of large gumbo. That being said, it is worth the price since it is so delicious, and since it comes with a ton of crab meat.

The other thing about Nellie’s is the atmosphere. It is one of the friendliest restaurants around and oozes southern charm. It really makes me wonder who the clientele is since the location is slightly out of the way (toward the end of Adeline and 880) and you would never know the place exists (unless you were in shipping), and that generally the bill is a little more than your average lunch place. The place is always generally filled and people keep coming back. That is a true testament to the kitchen, since I’ve also had the fried chicken and the pork chops and both were equally delicious.

A while back I posted on the Brown Sugar Kitchen. Nellie’s is what I had hope it was, and I’m glad that I found Nellie’s. I also posted that I thought that Angeline’s Cajun Kitchen had the best gumbo around. I have found one that blows that gumbo out of the park. I’ve also posted on Lois the Pie Queen and their fried chicken. I would have to say that Lois still has my favorite fried chicken.

You also have to love the announcement on their website.