A while back I went to a restaurant in LA called Macau Street. There they specialize in Macau style cooking, sort of Chinese cuisine with a Portuguese twist. While waiting for the rest of our party to arrive, my wife asked the waiter a question. There were two items of interest, one was duck chin with soy sauce and the other was soy sauce duck chin. He replied that the soy sauce duck chin was a typo and actually it was duck tongue. So she ordered the duck chin. I’m still not sure what she was thinking but what turned out to be duck chin was actually the lower bottom half of the bill. If you’ve ever had really bad Chinese liquor, the kind that smells really bad and comes in a clay bottle, it tastes like it was marinating in that and dirty water. There really isn’t a lot of meat when it comes to the duck chin, and what little there is you have to pick through with your fingers and teeth of the bone like thing that I think was the trachea. Duck-tastic!

Macau Street Duck chin

Duck Tongue snacks from China

Long story short… another friend of mine recently got back from a trip to China and brought back these single packaged morsels. This is authentic Chinese duck tongue. It’s scary how happy the comic duck looks in the packaging. Anyways, I opened one up. Firstly it was covered with what seemed like vaseline. It had a gelatin like sheen that if you squeeze it between your fingers hard enough it would shoot out like a rubber band. All in all the taste wasn’t that bad. It was like a really compressed vienna sausage. The hard part to eat was actually the texture. After you get through the oily marinate, it is like biting into a soft stick of pasta, only in the center is cartilaginous crunchiness, the type that you feel like you are biting into a knuckle. It wasn’t pleasant and I wouldn’t eat it again, but I can now say that I have had both duck chin and duck tongue.