July 2008

yummy brown rice

I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately and one of the things that I’ve been told is to eat less white rice. Trying to eat asian food with little or no white rice usually isn’t an option, so brown rice was always the healthy alternative. Unfortunately brown rice takes a long time to cook and ends up being a little gritty and grainy.

Now there is a solution, Gen Ji Mai rice. I noticed this rice when I was at the Korean market the other day. The packaging caught my eye (as it usually does since I’m a marketing team’s dream client). I noticed the “better taste and texture” and the “more nutrious than white rice”, although they mean “more nutritious”.

From the packaging:

Compared to White Rice

64% more Fiber

286% more Potassium

582% more Magnesium

161% more Vitamin B6

1021% more Vitamin E

400% more Antioxidants

It touts itself as a medium grained brown rice that is lightly polished that keeps the rice germ and the bran layer intact. I was a skeptic but decided to shell out my hard earned money to see if it was worth it. I prepared it just like white rice, popped it into the rice cooker, and about 30 minutes later heard the sweet melodic sound of the fuzzy logic Zojiroshi rice cooker. I thought that it couldn’t have cooked the brown rice that quickly and that it would have been really hard. To my surprise, it was soft, moist, and ready. Now the taste test. It had a hint of nuttiness from regular brown rice, but a much softer texture. It was like a freaky genetic hybrid of brown and white rice, where the “packaging” says that it is almost as nutritious as brown rice, but the flavor and texture is that of white rice. Is there something missing? Has technology finally solved the healthy but delicious rice question? I couldn’t track down more information on this type of rice, but I for one am a huge fan and will be making this rice from now on.

Here is an article I found through the wiki about white vs. brown rice.


Came across this at the wherethehellismatt.com site. Awesome to see Tommy Lee Jones as an otaku hanging out in Akihabara in a maid cafe. Makes me want to have some omurice too.

For all you foodies who take pictures of your food, there is now a new site devoted to just that, delicious photos of food porn, called photograzing. It makes me want to get a DSLR just for this.

Also please check out the great food blog, from which the site came from called SeriousEats.

I found out this from my friend Karen, who has a great food site called OffTheMeatHook. You should check it out.