King of Thai coming to Alameda

King of Thai Noodle House is coming to Alameda. That San Francisco fast food staple that is King of Thai, with it’s multiple locations, is making the trek over to the East Bay. First Burma Super Star, and now King of Thai. There is just something about the island city that is attracting the City by the Bay. I’m not sure when exactly it will be open but it is taking over the old Araujos location on Park St. and Pacific Ave.

Even though in Berkeley you could throw a stick and hit 2 Thai restaurants on the way, there is just something about King of Thai. If you haven’t been to the vary many locations of King of Thai, then you have been missing out on very simple, quick, and cheap eats. My favorites being the crab fried rice and the thai fried chicken over rice. Stay tuned for more info as I find out more.