Though it is a little on the pricey end (and what isn’t) at the Ferry Building, Boulette’s Larder is definitely worth the money. You have many choices at the Ferry Building, such as a burger at Taylor’s Refresher or fresh oysters at Hog Island, but so far my favorite meal in the Ferry Building for lunch has to be at Boulette’s.

There is something about the freshness and the preparation. You feel like you are at a four star restaurant while sitting in the walkway next to an ATM machine, watching the tourists and locals walk by and check out the delicious looking food strewn across your table. Do not be fooled by the seemingly innocent starters. We had the fresh Acme bread with apple jam and the fresh beignets with apple pie spice and organic Japanese sugar, both which was way too much food for just two people.

Brunch at the Ferry Building

I had the Roman Salad which featured some greens, fresh cheese, some dressing, and roasted pork, all of which I forgot the specifics of. The greens were sharp and slightly bitter, which the lemony vinaigrette acid cut through and the sweet and salty cheese complimented. Unfortunately they were running low on the roast pork so they substituted it with some of the pork tonkasu that was also on the menu. I didn’t mind one bit since I was torn between the “salad” and the tonkasu. Both pork were moist, but the roast pork was definitely the better of the two.

Brunch at the Ferry Building

Courtney had the scrambled eggs which came with a delicious soft goat cheese wedge accompanied with sweet potato chips and fig and pears. A great way to suspend the fall flavors during the 60 degree plus weather right before December.

Definitely check out this place for breakfast or lunch. It is worth the trip. One of these days I will sample the private dining during the evening. They also validate parking.
As a side note, they also served Blue Bottle Coffee, which seems to be the defacto coffee of higher end eateries around the Bay Area. I’m not complaining.