2442a Webster St.

Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 238-1100

I tried out a new place in Oakland the other day called Mua. It is in the real interesting Uptown area of Oakland, one that you would not expect for a restaurant but is slowly growing. It seems like they are trying to cater to the Oakland Murmur crowd, a monthly artist gallery get together that happens the first Friday of every month, and it looks like they have a good thing going.

This place is searching for an identity… or maybe not. Mixed in with asian fusion tapas is fried chicken, burgers, and lamb tagine, all with a choice of fries or kimchi as sides. It’s kind of representative of Oakland itself with it’s mix of ethnicities and cuisine. Oakland people are diverse, but it’s the food, the drinks, and now the art that brings people together.

The space is spacious, though you would never guess from the small doors that one can easily walk by on the street. Once you enter you are greeted with a beautiful long bar that opens up to a very open space of tables, with a second level of couches and tables that are reminiscent of a hip warehouse tea house. It’s simple with exposed walls and art all around the area. There was a DJ set up one end of the room as well.

Burger @ Mua

I only sampled the hamburger and I have to say that it was surprisingly tasty. It came medium, like I ordered it. It was no frills (which is a good thing), with no chipotle ketchup or wasabi mayonnaise. Just simple ingredients like the patty, lettuce, a little onion, and some condiments. The burger was salty, moist, and most importantly stayed complete throughout the whole meal. Even though juicy tidbits dribbled onto the plate, not once did a fissure appear on the crust, threatening to soggy up the bread split into two. Aside from 900 Grayson, this has to be one of my favorite burgers around. The fries weren’t bad, but didn’t make an impression, which was a shame since it would have really completed the meal.

I definitely have to come back to try the other items on the menu, but most importantly to see what the space is like during the night with the full bar going and some music playing. Either way, this has become a welcome discovery for a new lunch destination. I was trying to figure out what Mua meant, if it meant anything in Korea (the owner seems to be Korean), but a friend of mine had a good theory that it might be an onomatopoeia of the sound of one blowing a kissing the air – “mua”!

To find Mua, go to the Broadway Auto Row section of Oakland. It is across from God’s Gym (if you are familiar with Oakland, then you will know this gym).


b-boys in old oakland

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have a backlog of posts that I’m trying to get through but while on vacation it was very hard to motivate to do anything.

I’m back from my vacation (posts to come soon), so here goes.

Old Oakland is buzzing. It’s slowly coming together and there is just something about it that I love. I love the atmosphere, the people, the fact that everyone I know that lives in Oakland is proud of it. It’s always hard to live in the shadow of the more well known city (like Baltimore and D.C.), but it’s that underdog attitude that attracts and binds. It is seldom you will hear any San Franciscan say that they are proud of The Mission, or The Haight, both similar neighborhoods to Old Oakland. It used to be that to have a cosmopolitan night out you had to venture across the Bay Bridge, but with great restaurants like Tamarindo, B, and Levende East, and great bars like The Trappist, you don’t have to venture far.

Just the other day there was an art opening for a show at FiveTen Gallery. They had blocked at street to celebrate with b-boys strutting their stuff on the side walk. With all the hype about the crime in Oakland, it’s great to see just people enjoying themselves out at night.

Cool zoetrope run at camera speed on 2 turntables. Found on

Green Lantern Lincoln

my favorites are Sea Captain Lincoln and Geordi La Forge.

Found in the attic

While doing some electrical work in the attic I found these nailed across the support beams. After cleaning it up I noticed that it is an old ad for Lyon’s Root Beer. Turns out that Lyon’s was based out of San Francisco. It is actually still around, now known as Lyons-Magnus, but only available as a fountain drink than bottled. There are still a few of these up in the attic if I ever get around to removing them.

Mosiac Tiles

We were lucky enough to be in Siena when they unveil the marble floors in the Duomo. Most of the year they are covered to protect the intricate mosaic work, but for a short time in the year, they open the floors to the public. The art work is amazing to see, intricate pieces fitting together and beautifully carved out figures in marble throughout. It’s one thing to have the ceiling and the walls around you adorned with amazing carvings, inlaid paintings, and statues and busts all around, it’s another to look down at your feet and be blown away as well. Unfortunately you could not have a flash nor a tripod so a lot of my pictures turned out blurry.