So I’m back!

For some reason I am fascinated with lists and completing them (or attempting to complete them). I am currently going through the entire book of bottled beers at The Trappist.
I am listening through all of This American Life from the beginning. There are many other smaller lists, such as restaurant lists, home to do lists, and mostly anything else that has a numbered list.

So the list continues. I am going to try and watch ALL of the Criterion Collection movies from 1 to what ever is current (I think at last tally it is currently at #543). If I watch a movie a week, then it will currently take me 10 years time to catch up. Hopefully I can watch more than that, time permitting. I have started with #1, so I will try my best about posting each film, if not, then at least tweet about them.


Saw this nifty cut-together piece on YouTube. Can you name all the movies?

In memory of Don LaFontaine who passed away recently. This is my favorite bit which features 5 of the top voice over actors.

Came across this at the site. Awesome to see Tommy Lee Jones as an otaku hanging out in Akihabara in a maid cafe. Makes me want to have some omurice too.

Came across this awesome site. As soon as I thought of a great opening title sequence, this place had it. Really, really cool stuff.

Gimmick or Greatness?

What happens when you mix in Martin Scorsese with Alfred Hitchcock and modern advertisement? You get “The Key to Reserva” a mockumentary with short film of a “lost” Hitchcock script directed by Martin Scorsese.

Enjoy or not:


Asian Cinema Nite continues this week.

Tuesday 7pm Blue Screening Room

Like A Virgin
directed by Hae-jun Lee, Hae-yeong Lee
In Korean w/ English subtitles
2006 – 116 min.

A movie about a trans-gender teenager trying to win money to get a sex change operation by entering a wresting competition does not sound like a typical high school comedy coming from Korea, but directors, Lee’s pull off a heart warming coming of age, sexual identity, and Rocky-like sports movie all in one. Knowing that he is a woman in a man’s body, Oh Dong-Gu dreams of a sex change operation. He teams up with a local wresting coach to enter a Korean wresting competition (Ssirum) hoping to win the prize money.

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