The Mall Directory

After tooling around in Florence we found out that there was an outlet mall just outside of it. Although we were in Italy for the culture and the history, we also couldn’t turn down a good bargain. Here is the directory of the place called “The Mall”. I was most excited about the Marni outlet store. I ended getting some great deals. I was determined to find 2 things while shopping in Europe, a pair of new sunglasses, and a pair of shoes. I found my sunglasses at “The Mall”. Ironically, I didn’t end up getting the shoes in Italy, but in France instead.

“The Mall” was a surreal experience. Here we were in Italy, but in the middle of a small Tuscan town with high end fashion at bargain prices. The place was utterly spotless, it wasn’t crowded, and the stores were also not picked over. Aside from the Cabazon outlets near Palm Springs, this was definitely the best outlet mall. Apparently there is also a Prada outlet, but we didn’t go to it.