cool little video.

Green Lantern Lincoln

my favorites are Sea Captain Lincoln and Geordi La Forge.

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Rube Goldberg office chaos

Found in the attic

While doing some electrical work in the attic I found these nailed across the support beams. After cleaning it up I noticed that it is an old ad for Lyon’s Root Beer. Turns out that Lyon’s was based out of San Francisco. It is actually still around, now known as Lyons-Magnus, but only available as a fountain drink than bottled. There are still a few of these up in the attic if I ever get around to removing them.


I’m not sure how this spider got into our house but it was huge. It was about 1 inch long in the body and about 3 inches with legs. It was brown and furry. After looking around and asking people what they thought I’ve come to the conclusion that it is either a Wolf Spider or a False Tarantula. Both are apparently harmless, nonetheless, I did not like it in our home.