Work has been hectic so it’s been hard to update, so I apologize for the infrequency of my posts. Things are getting better so I hope to get more posts out in lesser intervals.


I was watching a show about cocktails on Hulu called Great Cocktails, getting ready for our cocktail party and they featured a bartender from SF, from a bar called Cantina. This reminded me of a new place in Oakland called Camino. From the website it seems like the restaurant is about local and fresh produce and not trying to have a huge menu, but just a few things, but done fresh and right. Similar to Bar Jules, one of my favorite new restaurants, I have high hopes for this place, although it seems to be getting some mixed reviews. Time will tell, and I must go check it out soon.


Saw this on Neatorama
Rube Goldberg office chaos

Now you can review your stay at Schrute Farms on TripAdvisor from “The Office”.

Now I wonder if this is going to create a slew of other fictional places such as the Bates Motel, the Hotel New Hampshire, and the Holiday Inn.

Back in the early 90’s there wasn’t a lot of Asians on TV, but there was Tom Vu. Who knew that we would go on to become one of the most successful Poker players today. Now get off your Lazy American ass and click on Tom Vu’s seminar … link.

Of course my favorite is the Stephen J. Cannell logo.

I was hoping that they would have the old KOFY TV 20 dog bumpers but good ol’ youtube came through.